Why does community matter?

In fitness, progress isn’t just about what you do, it’s also about who you do it with. Working out is hard, very hard, and without a positive and supportive community, it can seem impossible. This is a core tenant in the foundation of CrossFit. Our community is here for each other in triumph, and in failure, through adversity, and in progress. There will always be moments of doubt when working towards our goals. These moments are when we most need those around us to support our hard work as we push through adversity and dedicate ourselves to improving. 

What does community mean at MMCF?

MMCF is dedicated to its community, both inside and outside of the gym. We want to provide every opportunity for our members to come together in as many ways possible. Whether thats in house competitions, celebrating PRs, parties, group events, or just staying open late because we all want to hang out!

Being a part of MMCF is a special experience, but its not just about us. Streeterville has welcomed us with open arms, and we commit ourselves to being a positive force in the area. In our many years, we have built fantastic relationships with the Chicago Veterans, Ronald McDonald House, Faces Of Fitness, The Merchant Giving Project, Chi-Society, Chicago Star Media, Sarah’s Circle, Chicago Street Medicine, Center On Halsted, Cradles To Crayons, and more. We are not just a room with weights and equipment. We are a community that asks everyday, how can we best support each other, and our neighborhood?