Many CrossFit enthusiasts struggle with keeping track of their performance and workouts. The key to CrossFit success is staying consistent and challenging yourself to do better than your previous record. To make this easier, you can use fitness apps that track your workouts, log your performances and help you find WODs that suit your fitness level.

The Best CrossFit Apps

Other than the timer and tracker option, some CrossFit apps also have additional features to count the calories, track your heart rate and more. Here are some of the best CrossFit apps you can try:

Beyond the Whiteboard

One of the top app choices of CrossFit enthusiasts is Beyond the Whiteboard. With more than eight million WOD plans in its library, Beyond the Whiteboard has several features to monitor your workouts and progress. It has a macros tracking feature that helps track your workout routine and diet to keep your regime balanced. This CrossFit app also has a version for box owners and another for athletes, each with its own set of varied features to promote athletic excellence and the overall CrossFit community.

Beyond the Whiteboard has a bar code scanner to scan the items you consume and check their calorie count and nutritional value to ensure proper nutrition intake. You can tone up your muscles and use this app to track your fitness level and improve your performance. Users can also compare their results with the CrossFit community worldwide and see their position on their box’s leader board.

The app is available for Android and iOS users. It comes with a 30-day free trial and requires a monthly or yearly subscription after the trial ends.

WOD Roulette

This CrossFit app is perfect for those who love to work out but struggle to find workout ideas. WOD Roulette is one of the finest WOD generator apps that serves you a random lifting or CrossFit workout from its collection. Using this app, you don’t have to decide which fitness regime to follow every day as the app can randomly choose one for you, saving you your decision time. The app has a diverse variety of workouts ranging from classic benchmark workouts of the day to CrossFit Open MetCons. Its collection also features body lifting, strength training and endurance exercises like running.

Using this app, users get daily workout suggestions based on their preferences. WOD Roulette has a separate WOD list for users that travel frequently and stay at hotels or other temporary accommodations.

To use this app, click the roulette button on the screen or shake your phone to get a random workout plan. If you don’t like the workout, you can click or shake your phone again to get a new one. Whether you’re looking for weightlifting, fitness or CrossFit workouts, this app has it all. You can also save your favorite fitness regimes for future use.

Sugar WOD

Available on iOS and Android, SugarWOD is a multi-functioning, all-in-one app for CrossFit. Using this app, users can access over 1,000 workout routines from the app library and regularly track their performance and workouts. This app makes tracking, planning and analyzing workout and fitness regimes much easier as everything can be handled in one place.

With SugarWOD, CrossFit athletes can keep track of their WODs and compare the results and skills with others through a community leader board. Users can also share their workout performance benchmarks and comment on other users’ posts. This way, SugarWOD acts like a complete social media platform for CrossFit enthusiasts. The app also features an in-built coach prep section to help coaches prepare a fitness regime for their CrossFit students. It also helps box owners in organizing their backend systems through efficient business tools.


As one of the best-rated workout apps, WODster is a simple-to-use fitness app that gives you daily fitness regimes. You can select from hundreds of benchmark WODs available in its library and upload a post-workout photo to your training log to keep track of your body transformations.

This ad-free app offers a stopwatch feature to help you measure the time taken to perform your WODs and other exercises and test your speed and endurance. If you can’t decide the regime you want to follow, the app can choose one for you.

This app doesn’t feature a pulse rate measure and calorie checker. But, it lets you create a custom timer to track your routine and PRs over time. You can download the app for free using an android.


With WODzilla, you can set goals, create custom WODs and use timers to plan and track your fitness. This app is exclusively for iOS users and helps measure their flexibility, endurance and overall performance. 

WODzilla lets you generate your own workouts by arranging training plans in a sequence. You can time your fitness regime and use a training chart to record your fitness goals and accomplishments. This way, you can track your performance and identify your shortcomings.

MagMile Virtual Gym

A one-stop solution to all your CrossFit needs is MagMile Virtual Gym. Whether you’re traveling for leisure or work, with MagMile, you don’t have to miss your workouts ever again. Using cutting-edge technology and a user-friendly interface, MagMile Virtual Studio brings the gym to you so you can focus on your fitness even when you’re away.

With MagMile Virtual Studio membership, you get access to challenging workouts and training options to help you test your endurance, strength, flexibility, speed and stamina. You can choose a workout from the virtual library of home workouts anytime, anywhere.

Some of its features include:

  • Virtual consultations with fitness experts
  • Daily virtual programs to challenge your fitness
  • Access to a fitness portal to keep track of your workout performance and progress
  • Access to a video movements library with diverse exercises and workouts

Track Your Fitness With CrossFit Apps

Apps for CrossFit training let you challenge your fitness by tracking your performance, sharing your stats with the community and comparing your performance with others. These apps simplify the process of tracking and recording your WODs so you can focus on your fitness and improve your performance.