Did you know that more than 10 million people do CrossFit across the globe?

Even though the pandemic put a damper on CrossFit, the practice is alive and strong. You can do CrossFit from the comfort of your home–although having professional help in person is always better.

But not so fast! Without the proper equipment, your training could be less effective. The types of workout gear have more effect on your workout routine than you might think. To reap the benefits, you need to come prepared.

In this guide, you’ll learn about CrossFit gear options, from CrossFit socks to CrossFit grips. And with this excellent workout gear, you’ll be ready to hit the gym–or the front room.


CrossFit workouts are known for encompassing a wide variety of disciplines. It’s a sport that gets you moving in many different ways. Going barefoot isn’t an option, so you’ll need a good set of shoes.

CrossFit can have you running one moment, then climbing ropes the next. Therefore, you want a shoe that has a lot of support, but is durable under tough conditions. This shoe needs to be a hybrid to handle all the different exercises you’ll be doing.

Luckily, Nike and Reebok make CrossFit-oriented shoes. These are the Nano and MetCon respectively. 

Hybrid shoes like the two above are great all-rounders for any type of activity. A strong sole, quality upper, and reinforcement to handle the strain of rope climbing. Last but not least, they provide excellent support.

If you don’t want the Nano or MetCon, then find a comfortable shoe that can keep up. The intensity of CrossFit workouts can wear them out fast! 

CrossFit Socks

Most sports socks will do for CrossFit. Workout equipment like socks should be comfy, wick away sweat, and not be so thick they mess up your support.

Ankle socks will do fine for most CrossFit exercises. However, if you find that you’re banging up your shins, go for thigh-length socks. Football socks are a great choice.

If you’re struggling with circulation, get some compression socks. These protect your shins and make sure blood flow is going to your legs.

CrossFit Grips

CrossFit involves cycling through dozens of different weights. It involves doing pull-ups, then gripping a bench bar. Naturally, your hands are going to experience a lot of wear and tear.

If you have a fetish for calluses, then skip to the next section. But if you’re experiencing pain from workout dumbells, you need a set of grips. These not only protect your hands, but they can also provide an extra barrier from the bacteria that spread in gyms.

You want a grip that’s easy to apply. Make sure this grip doesn’t impede your wrist motion. A grip that wraps too tightly or is too rigid could injure you.


If you sweat like a pig, you know the struggle of wearing a cotton shirt on a hot day. Workout equipment isn’t just about your kettlebells or your ropes. It’s about clothes that keep you comfortable.

Go for light, polyester t-shirts. This synthetic material wicks away moisture and dries very quickly. You can get these cheap in bulk.

Try to go for form-fitting shirts if possible. You don’t want your shirt to hike up and expose that stomach you’re working on. 

Shorts and Pants

If you’ve watched CrossFit, you’ve probably noticed the tendency to wear shorter shorts. This isn’t just because CrossFit folks want to look hip and sexy. It’s to stay as mobile as possible.

The demanding CrossFit workouts will have you in constant motion. You won’t have many breaks to adjust your clothing. As such, get workout gear that stays in place but still feels comfortable.

Besides mobility, make sure everything is breathable. Like the shirts, get materials that wick away moisture and stay dry.

But on the opposite end, get some compression clothes that will keep you warm during a winter jog. Check the weather before your workout. You don’t want to show up with too much!

A Water Bottle

This one should go without saying, but too many people fail to stay hydrated. Low hydration leads to muscle cramps, headaches, and overall poor performance.

A water bottle doesn’t just save you a trip to the drinking fountain. It’s a reminder to take a drink when your mind might be occupied with the pain from a workout.

Get a BPA-free bottle. Microplastics are the scourge of the modern world, so avoid any single-use plastics. A quality water bottle can last the rest of your life.


This one depends on how much you sweat. Staying sweat-soaked can dry out your skin, and in some cases, lead to infection.

Whatever the case, letting sweat drench you is not a comfortable experience. Having to wipe off your forehead every five seconds ruins your workout. And once sweat gets in your eyes, they’ll sting for hours.

There’s no need for fancy micro-fiber towels–although they do dry faster. Load up your gym bag with a few basic white towels, like you’d find at any gym. Wash them regularly and Bob’s your uncle.

You may have noticed a theme here. The little things all add up to big benefits. Having a towel is just one benefit among many, but it contributes to an overall great workout.

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Whether it’s CrossFit socks or Crossfit grips, the types of workout gear you choose can make or break your workout. Being comfortable and supported is how you achieve the greatest gains. You don’t need to buy high-end luxury workout gear, you just need what works for you.

Taking CrossFit in a group setting can feel intimidating or embarrassing. That’s why we’ve created the Foundations Course for you. This gives you a beginner-style introduction to the CrossFit methodology. Sign up today and see the benefits of CrossFit for yourself!