CrossFit-a-Good-Fit-for-Any-Fitness-Level-and-Age-MagMile-CrossFitIf you’ve never tried CrossFit before, it’s easy to assume two things. First, all the workouts are extremely intense, so you have to “get in shape” before you even think about setting foot in a CrossFit box. And second, CrossFit is only for the 20-40ish age range.

CrossFit is not just an intense workout for elite athletes in their 20s, 30s, or 40s. CrossFit is designed to be a good fit for any fitness level and any age group.

Fit for Any Fitness Level

Group CrossFit workouts are designed for the versatility of any fitness level. A workout is typically written “Rx” or as prescribed. But this does not mean that you have to use the prescribed weights, reps, or times written on a whiteboard. You can “scale” a workout, or modify it to match your current fitness level. And if you’re unsure of what that would be, you have a knowledgeable coach there to guide you. The scalability of a workout is what helps CrossFit fit any fitness level, and it’s also what allows you to continually improve.

Fit for Any Age

The scalability of the workouts helps you individualize a workout to your fitness level, as well as your age. As we age, something that can start to decline is mobility. Each CrossFit workout follows a similar pattern of warm-up, skill or strength work, workout, and cool down. The warm-up, skill/strength work, and cool down usually involve a good amount of mobility skills. No matter your age, mobility is something that we lose if we don’t take time to maintain it. And rather than statically stretching your muscles, a lot of the mobility work is functional, meaning you work on range of motion through the natural movements of your body.

MagMile CrossFit is built on the principles of community and accountability. We support athletes of all fitness levels and ages by incorporating an all-encompassing fitness and health program which includes measured results, constant variation, and fun! Contact us to learn more about how to get started at MagMile CrossFit.