Your-First-CrossFit-Class-MagMile-CrossFitWhat can you expect during your first CrossFit class? To give you an idea of what it’s like, here are six tips to help get you ready for your first class:

1. Bring a Water Bottle.

One of the great things about CrossFit workouts is that you don’t need to prepare a ton of gear. Everything that you need for a workout (for the most part) is already at the gym. The one thing you’ll definitely want to bring is a water bottle. Show up well-hydrated and make sure to drink plenty of water after the workout, too.

2. Wear Comfortable Workout Clothes.

The best thing you can wear for a CrossFit workout is something comfortable and no cotton. You will sweat, and if you’re wearing cotton, then your clothes will turn into a sponge and get really heavy. Wear something that you’re comfortable in, but avoid baggy t-shirts and shorts.

3. It’s Normal to Feel Nervous.

If you’re nervous, don’t beat yourself up about it or try to talk yourself out of your nerves. Just know that it’s normal to feel nervous. Once the workout starts, you’ll instantly forget all about those jitters. So for now, take a couple of deep breaths and focus on something else.

4. Learn the Class Structure.

You’ll find that the structure of almost every CrossFit class is the same. You’ll start with a warm-up led by one of the coaches. If you’re sweating after the warm-up, you won’t be alone. Then you’ll do some skill practice and go over the movements in the workout of the day (WOD). This is usually when a coach will mention how you can scale or modify the workout. Then the group will start the workout together. Afterward, you’ll probably do a cool down and some stretching.

5. Expect New Challenges.

It’s impossible to walk into your first CrossFit class and know everything there is to know. So, expect some challenges. You’ll learn movements, skills, lingo, anatomy, and so much more. One of the things that so many people love about CrossFit is that it challenges them. You may move in ways that you’re not used to, and you’ll probably be sore. Don’t let that stop you from coming back. Give yourself some time and be patient with the process.

6. Meet New People

You’re going to meet a lot of new people at your first CrossFit class. And you’ll be amazed at how awesome everyone is! Don’t be surprised to walk into the gym and get approached by several people who want to introduce themselves. This friendly culture is what the CrossFit community is all about, so welcome!

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