General-Physical-Preparedness-for-Everyone-MagMile-CrossFitThe concept of a non-specialized fitness foundation is referred to as general physical preparedness (GPP). For the past several years, GPP improvements through traditional CrossFit programming have benefitted athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all fitness and performance levels.

I’m an athlete; what does GPP have to do with me?

No matter if you’re a snowboarder, pitcher, goalie, or gymnast, general physical preparedness gained through CrossFit can improve your performance.

Coach Greg Glassman has even said:

“GPP is the most underdeveloped and neglected aspect of athletic training, especially in elite athletes.” (source)

Becoming an elite athlete takes a lot of specialized training. But over time, this specialized training begins to create gaps in your athletic foundation. Programmed carefully and correctly, GPP through CrossFit can fill those gaps.

There is a time of year that GPP training makes sense; other times, sport-specific training makes more sense. But GPP should never be neglected for long periods of time.

I’m not an athlete; what does GPP have to do with me?

If you won’t be competing against others, GPP plays a part in your training by keeping you healthy and ready for all of life’s daily challenges. Someone with a well-developed GPP will struggle less to chase down the dog who’s bolted out of the house, carry Costco-sized condiments into the house, or refill the cat’s litter box.

GPP also goes a long way in injury prevention. It fills in the gaps created by training a specific way for an extended period of time. And you reduce your chance of being injured doing the normal activities of daily life.

General physical preparedness has the potential to play an influential role in your future training plan. No matter your level of training, GPP helps you figure out your weaknesses. As you strengthen these weaknesses, your general level of fitness improves, and you become a more well-rounded individual as it relates to your fitness level and training.

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