Get-to-Know-MagMile-CrossFit-Our goal at MagMile CrossFit is to help you transform into the individual you want to become. We’re here to support you as you challenge yourself to reach your personal fitness goals. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we’re here to work with you wherever you are right now.

The MagMile CrossFit team includes qualified, experienced coaches who understand the relationship between your physical fitness and your life. Our goal is to:

  • Improve your physical and mental fitness
  • Improve your lifestyle through integrated training, nutrition, and recovery
  • Challenge and support you
  • Provide a strong community and accountability
  • Help you achieve real results

We offer a few different programs that we tailor to your unique needs:

Foundations Class

Our Foundations program introduces you to CrossFit. In Foundations classes, you’ll learn and review basic CrossFit movements. No worries if you’re getting back into working out, or you’re brand new to most of the movements. We focus on proper form, moving efficiently, and preventing injury.

CrossFit Group Class

CrossFit combines traditional conditioning, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, and bodyweight movements into one comprehensive program. One of our coaches leads you through a group workout, starting with a structured warm-up. Then, you’ll work together on a strength or skill movement. The final part of the class is a conditioning workout. You can always scale any part of a workout, so don’t think you need to be at a certain fitness or skill level before you get started.

Integrative Nutrition Programming

Like our CrossFit programming, our goal with Integrative Nutrition Programming is to start with where you are now. We will help and support you in developing the skills needed to build and sustain long-term health. You’ll form healthy nutritional habits by prioritizing self-care, consistency, and accountability. This program is not like traditional dieting; we want to shift your mindset from “dieting” to clean eating for sustainable health and performance.

Personal Training

In addition to our group classes, we also offer one-on-one personal training. If you’re looking for more individualized attention and programming from a coach, then this could be a good option for you. Your personal trainer will base your sessions on your unique needs and fitness goals.

At MagMile CrossFit, our Chicago-based community is where people of any ability and age view fitness and nutrition as a catalyst for creating a healthier life. We offer a holistic approach to assist you in your fitness journey. Are you ready to get started?

Contact us at MagMile CrossFit today to learn more.