Make-Working-Out-a-Habit-MagMile-CrossFitStarting a new workout program or routine can be exciting. You might be intimidated at first, but once you get over that hurdle, everything is new and fun.

But then after a few weeks, the newness begins to wear off. The excitement starts to drop. You find yourself skipping a workout here and there. And you wonder, “What happened? What am I doing wrong?”

Nothing! Everyone tends to go through a similar pattern. But there is a way you can maintain that initial momentum. The key is to make working out a habit. A habit is something you do out of routine, like brushing your teeth every morning. You don’t think about it; you just do it.

Here are a few ways to make working out a habit:

1. Make Your Workouts a Priority

To create a habit around working out, you have to make getting to the gym a priority. Schedule your workouts like an appointment on your calendar, just like you would for any other meeting. Remind yourself why you’re making your workouts a priority. You can even write down why it’s important to you and then post it somewhere so that you get a frequent visual reminder.

2. Time It Right

You know yourself better than anyone. If you tend to skip out on workouts in the afternoon, then try a few early morning workouts. If you can’t get yourself out of bed before 7 am, then commit to working out on your lunch hour. A lot of people have success with working out after work before they get home. Stopping on the way home helps you avoid the temptation to go home and plop down on the couch. Find the time that works best for you.

3. Get Some Variety

Let’s face it, creating a workout habit based on boredom is never going to be enjoyable or sustainable. So make sure that you’re getting plenty of variety. The varied programming is one of the things that people love about CrossFit. Rather than going through the motions, variety can help keep you motivated to work hard and challenge yourself every time you show up for class.

4. Find Something You Enjoy

You’re not going to enjoy every workout that you do. But overall, if an activity never seems fun, then it’s worth looking into some other options. It could be that the activity is fine, but you’re not having fun because you’re always working out by yourself. Give a group class a try and see if you have more fun. You’re more likely to create a habit doing something that you enjoy.

5. Keep a Workout Log

Keeping a workout log creates a history of all that you’ve accomplished. On the days it feels like you’re making zero progress, it’s helpful to look back and remind yourself of how far you’ve come. Plus, this tangible view of your workouts helps you develop self-awareness. Are you doing as much as you think? A workout record will help you quantify what you’re actually doing.

6. Create a Habit that Works for You

As you create a workout habit, remember that your routine will probably look different from someone else’s. Base your habit on your personal performance and fitness goals. And keep in mind that a consistent plan doesn’t mean the same thing as daily. Create a habit that works for you and is sustainable.

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