Ways-Mobility-Exercises-Could-Benefit-You-MagMile-CrossFitMobility exercises focus on working and moving your muscles, connective tissue, and joints through their entire range of motion. For those of us who have a limited joint range of motion, mobility work can help us move in a way that’s more comfortable, efficient, and effective.

Unfortunately, pain tends to be the motivating factor behind mobility training. However, pain reduction isn’t the only case where mobility exercises are useful. It’s also a great way to promote and maintain joint health.

Typical mobility training exercises include foam rolling and other self-massage techniques, as well as mobility drills and dynamic stretching. Here are just a few of the ways that mobility exercises can benefit you and your training, as well as your daily life:

Better Workouts

Mobility exercises are a worthwhile addition to your workout warm-up. Making sure you move your joints, particularly your hips and shoulders, through a full range of motion before your workout begins increases the effectiveness of your workout while reducing your risk for injury. At the same time, you can promote better movement by taking some time to cool down and foam roll post-workout.

Improved Athletic Performance

Mobility training can improve an athlete’s performance in any sport. If you have a limited range of motion, then it can be holding you back from performing at your full capacity. Mobility exercises can also help athletes break bad movement habits and promote proper patterns while learning new skills.

Workday Comfort

Not only can functional joint mobility improve an athlete’s performance, but it can also contribute to your overall health and wellness. Like many of us, if you spend the majority of your workday at a desk, all of the sitting can have a negative effect on your mobility. If you develop pain in one joint, that pain can set off a chain of events affecting other areas of your body and creating more problems and discomfort.

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