Every year on Memorial Day, the entire CrossFit community comes together to honor those individuals who’ve made a sacrifice for us. We pay tribute by doing a special Hero WOD called “Murph.”

If you’ve been doing CrossFit for a while, chances are that you’ve done this workout a few times. And even if you’re newer to the community, you might’ve heard something about Murph.

What is Murph?

Murph is a Hero WOD done by athletes all over the world on Memorial Day.

For time:
(Rx’d: complete while wearing a 20-pound weight vest)
1 mile Run
100 Pullups
200 Pushups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

It’s no secret that Murph is challenging, but it’s also not just another workout where you try to set a new PR. In fact, it’s not really about you.

Who was Murph?

This workout is named for Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy. Murphy was a Navy SEAL who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2005.

Murphy regularly performed the workout we now call “Murph” as part of his own physical training. Only he called it “Body Armor.” And as you might have guessed, he did the same workout while wearing body armor. Because of this, Murph, as prescribed, includes wearing a 20 lb. weight vest.

On June 28th, 2005, while under enemy attack, Murphy knowingly left his position of cover to request support for his team. For his sacrifice and bravery, he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously.

Every year, we choose to do Murph on Memorial Day to remember all those individuals who have sacrificed something for us. This workout is a reminder and tribute to Lieutenant Murphy and all the other heroes who have died for our freedom.

Whether it’s at the gym or in quarantine, the MagMile CrossFit community will be doing Murph “together” on Saturday, June 6th.

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