When you look at your fitness and habits, it’s easy to focus on big picture outcomes. Outcomes like weight loss, reduced stress, increased fitness, improved mood, etc. don’t happen overnight. But what’s hard to see are all the small daily actions that go into creating those results.

Here are some examples of small changes that add up to a big impact on your health and lifestyle:

1. Drink one more glass of water.

Staying well-hydrated promotes the healthy maintenance of many of your body’s daily processes and functions. If you know you don’t drink enough throughout the day, start by drinking just one more glass of water.

2. Get one more hour of sleep.

A good night of sleep lasts anywhere from six to eight hours. If you’re not quite there and one more hour seems out of the question, start small. Get fifteen more minutes. Or thirty.

3. Hang on for one more rep.

In terms of your fitness goals, challenge yourself to hang on for one more rep before letting go of the barbell or the pullup bar. You might surprise yourself and find that you had more left than you thought.

4. Eat one more meal cooked at home.

Swapping a takeout meal with one you cooked at home sets the foundation for healthy eating habits at home. By focusing on cooking your food at home, you might find yourself trying new recipes, making a meal plan for the week, and eating less processed foods.

5. Follow one less social media account.

When was the last time you took a look at who you were following on social media? Does each account bring something positive to your life? If not, it might be time to remove some of the unneeded sources of negativity.

6. Watch one less hour of TV.

If you watch one less hour of TV, think of all the ways that you could spend that time. Working out, taking the dog for a walk, tidying up, meditating, writing, playing a musical instrument, …

7. Take one more walk around your neighborhood.

Even if you only walk to the end of the block and back, your body and mind will appreciate the break. Do this during your workday to stand up, stretch, and move.

8. Read one more page of a book.

How long have you had a book sitting on your nightstand that you’ve been wanting to start? Or finish up. Just one more page today.

“Every day of our lives, we are on the verge of making those slight changes that would make all the difference.” — Mignon McLaughlin

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