Strategies-to-Cope-with-Training-Setbacks-MagMile-CrossFitNo matter the cause of a training setback, it’s a frustrating thing to deal with. Injury, work commitments, travel plans, and illness can all throw a wrench in your training plans. There’s not much we can do to control the cause of a setback, but we can control how we react to the situation.

Here are a few strategies to cope with training setbacks:

1. Revise or Create New Goals.

When you experience a training setback, it’s tempting to focus on all the workouts that you’re missing out on. By taking some time to revise your goals, it helps you focus on the things that you’re still able to work on and accomplish. You may have to let go of your previous goals entirely and create new ones. Use your new goals to direct and focus your attention and mental energy on what you can do, rather than what you can’t.

2. Try Something New.

When a training setback takes you away from your regular workout routine, use this as an opportunity to try something new. Now could be your chance to try a new activity that still gets you moving, like a yoga class. It can also be a time to work on skills and technique over lifting heavy or at high intensities.

3. Recognize Negative Thoughts.

There is no getting around the fact that setbacks aren’t fun. And it’s almost impossible to convince yourself that you’re okay with not doing what you had planned. Whenever you feel frustrated, recognize how you’re feeling and then give those thoughts an outlet. Talking with your coach or workout partner can help. And you’re likely to get some encouragement and support, too.

4. Gradually Ramp Back Up.

When you’re ready to get back to a consistent workout program, you may want to pick up right where you left off. However, the more time that’s gone by since you had to take a step back, the more time you’ll need to give yourself to ramp back up. Rather than risking re-injuring yourself or winding up with a new injury, take your time and build up gradually. Your fitness will come back; just be patient.

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