Looking for a fun and effective new workout routine? CrossFit is a sport designed to challenge women and get their bodies lean, strong, and athletic! But many women feel concerned that using weights will make them bulky.

This idea is the farthest from the truth! Women in CrossFit don’t lose their feminine shape. Gaining some muscle tone gives the shapely curves that most women seek from exercising.

Read on to learn the benefits of CrossFit for women and why it’s the ideal sport for a strong and lean physique!

Women in CrossFit Facts

Many women feel concerned about getting bulky from adding weight training into their fitness routine. This is an unfounded fear. Male and female bodies differ greatly in their abilities to produce muscle.

But, building and shaping strong muscles is just as easy for women as it is for men. The difference between the genders is the size of the muscle. Women’s bodies don’t put on the bulk of muscle due to their leaner skeletal frame.

This is due to the difference in natural testosterone levels. Higher levels of testosterone make building muscle easier to do. Women lack high levels of this hormone, which makes building huge muscles like men nearly impossible.

There is no reason for men and women to work out differently. CrossFit for women uses the same Workout of the Day (WOD) for everyone. The WOD is effort-based, so women who want to avoid building muscle mass can keep their weights tailored to their goals.

CrossFit incorporates Olympic lifts in the WODs. These are core athlete movements that work the whole body, both for men and women. Olympic lifts are ideal for a lean, athletic shape.

Will CrossFit Make Me Bulky?

Creating strong muscles doesn’t mean a body gets bigger. Many women start an exercise program to lose weight and get smaller. But focusing on the number on the scale doesn’t show the true body’s composition.

One pound of muscle is denser than one pound of fat. This means it takes up less space on the body than the same weight in fat. CrossFit helps to burn off fat and strengthen muscles, leaving the body leaner and perhaps weighing the same or more!

Rather than relying on a scale, use photos and measurements to track body composition progress. If the scale number is increasing but the measurements are decreasing, the body is leaning out and burning fat!

Pro CrossFit female athletes are very muscular with low body fat. But they aren’t bulky like a bodybuilder. To grow the bulk of a bodybuilder, women must undergo a strict diet and weight training routine and often take testosterone steroids.

Women in CrossFit don’t get this result. CrossFit is designed to develop the body’s athletic potential. It makes women faster, stronger, and more agile. The benefits of CrossFit for women show great results in all aspects of life!

The Benefits of CrossFit for Women

There’s no question that CrossFit is an intense sport. Yet, since it is individually effort-based, each participant tailors their WOD to their skill level. Everyone who tries their best at CrossFit will burn fat and get lean.

CrossFit Body: Burning Fat

CrossFit WOD are designed with weight training, bodyweight exercises, and high-intensity interval training. These movements target different levels of cardio and activate the metabolism to burn fat.

Working with a knowledgeable coach at the CrossFit Box also keeps the exercises safe. Working out in a community setting with the encouragement of a coach makes it easier to stick with a routine. Following a solid routine and workout plan is the best way to burn fat and stay lean!

Save Time on Workouts

One of the best benefits of CrossFit for women is the efficiency in getting it done. CrossFit gives amazing results in a short amount of time. The WODs get designed for speed, often encouraging as many repetitions in a minute as possible! The faster you get your workout done, the better.

This is great news for a busy woman with jobs, kids, and other responsibilities to take care of.

Women in CrossFit Get Lean

Because CrossFit WOD targets optimum heart rates for weight loss, meeting your fitness goals is easy to accomplish. While it’s impossible to ‘spot reduce’ specific body parts, the whole body gets lean efficiently with Olympic lifts and core strength movements like pullups and pushups. Burning fat makes the skin lay closer to the muscle, giving that toned appearance so many women desire.

CrossFit For Women and Empowerment

Plenty of CrossFit female athletes started their sport just to lose weight but have stuck with it because of how it makes them feel. CrossFit empowers women by developing both their physical and mental strength. It takes strong resiliency to overcome the fun challenges CrossFit presents.

Learning how to power through when the body feels like quitting empowers women to never give up. Creating a lean, strong body and resilient mind are the powerful results of CrossFit participation.

CrossFit For Mental Health

Exercise is a proven method to decrease negative mental health issues. Participating in team sports has the highest benefit for improving mental health. While CrossFit workouts are done individually, the benefits of training at a CrossFit Box with other members are huge.

Feeling part of a community with other women who share the same goals keeps an individual accountable. The CrossFit community encourages each other to keep going when it gets tough.

Try CrossFit For Women Today!

There is no reason to fear bulking up by doing CrossFit. Women in CrossFit develop strong, lean bodies with cardio and resilient training. Keep your body and mind healthy by joining the Mag Mile CrossFit community!

At Mag Mile CrossFit, women get a holistic approach to their fitness goals with nutrition coaching, strength training, and community support. CrossFit develops the body to function at its optimum abilities.

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