Millions of people have joined the CrossFit craze. With so many people joining, you might wonder what’s so special about it? How can it benefit you?

CrossFit is a lifestyle that has impacted the world and encouraged healthy living. Not sure what it’s all about? We’ve gathered the top five benefits of CrossFit. 

Read on to find out how CrossFit can benefit you!

What Is CrossFit?

The CrossFit methodology was developed by Greg Glassman, who then founded the company with Lauren Jenai in 2000. In just over 20 years, Glassman’s start-up has reached all over the world and has changed the lives of so many people.

CrossFit is a type of high-intensity interval exercise and training. It utilizes functional workouts that you do on a day-to-day basis (like squatting, stretching, jumping, lifting, etc.) and puts them inside a fitness regimen.

This fitness regimen revolves around doing the exercises for a period of time instead of doing them for a certain amount of reps. The intensity you do the exercises will depend on who you are and what your CrossFit coach thinks is best.

It incorporates strength, cardio, and athletic routines to get the best results. With CrossFit, you will be more likely to accomplish daily physical tasks.

The good thing about CrossFit is that you are doing something different every day. This provides surprise and new things to try rather than sticking to the same routine for a long period of time. 

Benefits of CrossFit

There are many benefits of CrossFit. If you are interested in this lifestyle, we’ve gathered five of the top benefits that can drastically impact your life and physical health.

1. Improved Strength

The high-intensity workouts cause you to gain strength. The workouts target multiple areas of the body, resulting in increased muscle mass overall.

In CrossFit, there is a Workout of the Day. This will target different areas each day to ensure your exercise is reaching all parts of your body.

By participating in CrossFit, you can gain the strength and muscle mass you’ve always wanted. There’s no need to live a sedentary lifestyle when you can gain immediate results with CrossFit. 

2. Encourages Healthy Living

CrossFit encourages a healthy and active lifestyle. Having a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone, but sometimes you might feel inclined to slack off.

Luckily, CrossFit is designed for accountability and variation, which makes you more likely to want to workout. If you struggle with maintaining an active lifestyle, CrossFit might be the solution you need. 

3. Weight Management

The high-intensity workouts burn calories faster than an average workout. This results in faster weight loss and better weight management over time. 

Furthermore, because the workouts are so intense, your body will continue to burn calories after you finish the workout. This means you can feel like you are doing less work, but your body is still calorie-burning

4. Different and Enjoyable

In CrossFit, you will have a different workout every day. This provides a variation that can be very impactful if you have a routine lifestyle. You will go into your session excited to find out what the workout will be and how it will impact you.

Furthermore, you have many CrossFit colleagues to encourage you in your journey. You often do CrossFit in pairs or groups, which brings a social outlet aspect to the workout as well. 

5. Personalized Experience

You aren’t just guessing things along when doing CrossFit. You have a trained coach that will be by your side to help you figure out your workouts and your goals.

Your coach will help you come up with a plan for optimal results and variation. They will help you make CrossFit a lifestyle and not just something you do on a day-to-day basis. 

If you are a professional athlete, your coach can even work with you to reach your desired goals and improve your athletic performance. 

This personalized experience is very helpful in the long run because you have someone else to push and encourage you. There’s no need to go back to working out alone when you can have a steady support system in place!

How Do I Start?

It’s simple and easy to start CrossFit! A little nervous to begin? Here are a few things you should consider as you move forward.

Don’t Let Stereotypes Discourage You

Do you ever see those big-built athletes crushing it at the gym and think: Wow, I can’t do that. 

The truth is, CrossFit and the gym isn’t just for those that are already fit. It’s for everybody. So, don’t let stereotypes discourage you from changing your lifestyle. 

Get Familiar With The Lingo

CrossFit has certain terminology it uses within its workouts. You don’t need to know all of it just yet, but here are some that you might want to start off with. 

WOD: Workout of the day

AMRAP: As many reps as possible

BW: Bodyweight

YBF: You’ll be fine

SUBBED: Substituted

SET: A number of repetitions

Find Your Gym

You will need to find a trusted CrossFit gym that you can join. At Magmile CrossFit, we strive to improve the physical and mental fitness of every person that joins. We are trained professionals that want to see you succeed. 

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What Now?

You know the benefits of CrossFit and you even know how to start. So, what’s stopping you? 

Don’t settle for a sedentary lifestyle. And don’t settle for a boring gym routine with no variation. Choose CrossFit and live a healthy lifestyle that others will envy.

Purchase a membership today and see the results for yourself!