Only about 53% of adults exercise in America.

While there could be a number of reasons for this, one reason could be that the other 47% don’t enjoy working out. It could be a hassle, boring, or unenjoyable.

It could also be due to injuries, lack of motivation, or something else!

Whatever the reason they have for not working out, trying out something new could be a great way to get into the exercise realm of things. If you are one of the people in that 47% of Americans who do not exercise but want to get into it, CrossFit training could be the way to go.

But what is CrossFit training? To learn about everything you need to know, keep reading!

What Is CrossFit Training?

CrossFit is a type of high-intensity interval training, which is great for burning fat and building muscle.

The workouts differ on a daily basis from the type of strength exercises and other forms of conditioning that would be done during the class. The equipment may change as well during the different classes. While you may use weights in one class, you may use a kettlebell or a medicine ball in another class.

There are also times you could use speed ropes as well as plyo boxes. With so many different types of equipment, it’s easy to feel like each workout is entirely different (which may help you keep from getting bored!).

Benefits of CrossFit Training

CrossFit training has a plethora of benefits. While there are many, we cover five of the CrossFit training benefits that will convince you it is time to start!

1. Build Muscle

The first benefit of CrossFit training is that it will help you to build muscle right away.

While CrossFit does burn fat, you are doing exercises that help to build muscle at the same time. With a focus on the way you move to train, agility, and cross-training techniques, this combination can help you gain muscle more quickly than other ways of training.

The point of the muscle building in CrossFit is to gain lean muscle rather than feel jacked like bodybuilders. This lean muscle comes in handy on a daily basis when you are doing activities such as mowing the lawn or lifting heavy objects.

2. Support Heart Health

Every time you exercise, you are improving your heart health. However, CrossFit targets the heart rate zone that will improve your oxygen consumption as well. 

This means that you are improving your heart health, lowering your blood pressure, and decreasing your breathing rate for everyday activities.

3. Improve Joint Health

Some types of workouts can actually hurt your joints, like excessive jumping. However, doing nothing can also harm your joints as well because of the breakdown of the muscle around them. When this happens, you are more prone to hurt yourself.

Strength training can help to improve joint health over time. Not only that, but it will also strengthen muscles around your entire body so that you don’t experience as much pain when you do simpler activities. 

For instance, the more muscle you have in your back and core, the less chance you have for lower back pain.

4. Improve Your Confidence

It’s probably no shock that the healthier you are, the more confident you usually tend to be. This could be partially due to your appearance but is also due to the chemicals and hormones that move around your body when you are healthier and in better shape.

When you get into shape through CrossFit, you are likely to have more confidence than you did before. That could be more confidence that you feel when going out to dinner or just stepping foot in a gym.

5. Always Changing

As we mentioned before, CrossFit is always training. No class is ever the same.

Because of this, you can show up to a workout class without knowing what to expect. This can keep you on your toes and excited for what is coming next.

Not only does this make working out more fun, but if you easily get bored, this means you may have just found your new favorite exercise program!

CrossFit Training Tips

Since CrossFit is a high-intensity workout, it’s important to know what you are doing when you work out so that you do not injure yourself.

When training, be sure that you do not increase your activity too quickly. You also don’t want to increase the weight you use too quickly either. Listening to your body is a great way to know if you are overdoing it.

When training, look out for the following injuries or pain, and if you notice any of them, be sure to take some time off to properly heal:

  • Knee pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Tennis elbow

If you do notice this pain, you should also double-check your technique when you get back into it to be sure that you are lifting the weights in the right form.

Your CrossFit Training Guide 

Now that you know the answer to “what is CrossFit training,” you may be antsy to get out there.

CrossFit training as a high-intensity interval workout is a great way to get active and exercise in a way that keeps you going without getting bored. Every day is different, exercises are constantly changing, and there are so many other benefits like gaining muscle and burning fat that will keep you coming back!

If you are ready to join a CrossFit community, get started today! So what are you waiting for? Check out the membership options that we have and don’t hesitate to ask any questions!