The Best CrossFit in Chicago


The Best CrossFit in Chicago

The MagMile CrossFit Mission

Our mission is to improve the health of Chicago one MagMile CrossFit member at a time. To transform the standard approach to fitness, health, and wellness. To treat our members as human beings with unique needs, preferences, goals, and requirements. To address each individual’s uniqueness with care and professionalism. To foster a community where people of any ability and age are encouraged to view fitness and nutrition as a catalyst for a healthier life.

Who We Are

We are a collective of fitness enthusiasts with the expertise to improve the physical and mental fitness of each person that walks into MagMile CrossFit in Chicago. We are qualified, experienced professionals who understand the interrelationship between your physical fitness and your life, and are seeking to improve lives through integrated training, nutrition, and recovery

What we do

We challenge, improve, and support members in their health and fitness journey. We assess your physical movement and nutritional foundation, analyze the results, and determine a fitness, nutrition, and recovery strategy that fit your individualized needs. With each individual in mind, we challenge, improve, and support our athletes in their health and fitness journeys…regardless of the current stage of that journey.

How we do it

Built on the principles of community and accountability, we enable our athletes to achieve their goals by incorporating an all-encompassing fitness and health program which includes measured results, constant variation, and fun! We coach through a systematic progression that enables members to reach their goals more quickly, safely, and effectively. We help members achieve real results. We transform members into the individuals who they want to become. We create a community of support and accountability.

The MagMile CrossFit Team

Ross Bradley
Ross BradleyHead Coach
Cassandra Coronado
Cassandra CoronadoCoach
Austin Cornett
Austin CornettMarketing & Sales