Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.

Owners Frank Dowie and Luke LaHaie became friends in 2016 as most CrossFitters do…at the squat rack. During conversations between sets, while warming up, or doing post-wods, the two found out they had a lot more in common than a love for the sport of CrossFit. In addition to both being Big Ten alumni (Luke – Michigan State, Frank – Iowa), lifelong athletes, and having careers in the financial world, they shared a dream of building a fitness community. The idea of building a community rooted in fitness isn’t all that unique but combined with their interest in nutrition and a strong charitable drive, the distinctive seeds of MagMile CrossFit (MMCF) were planted.

As the journey to realize MMCF unfolded, Frank and Luke partnered with additional like-minded fitness enthusiasts who have the expertise to improve the physical and mental fitness of the MMCF community. Using these tools, MMCF offers a holistic approach to assist athletes in their fitness journey. Through that process MMCF provides additional opportunities for charity, education, and fun!