Are you ready to improve your health and fitness, but lack the inspiration? Consider joining the CrossFit community to begin your journey. Most see bodily in just ten weeks after joining.

Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone in person that does CrossFit. There is a whole CrossFit community on TikTok ready to help get you started. We have a list of eight CrossFit athletes that will inspire you to get moving.

1. Natalie Allport

If you are looking for CrossFit inspiration you should add Natalie Allport to TikTok. Natalie is a two-time CrossFit Sanction Athlete and a former competitive snowboarder. She is an all-around athlete that knows how to train and take care of her body.

Some of Natalie’s TikTok videos include her daily and weekly routine. In her CrossFit videos, she emphasizes the importance of nourishing your body. To Natalie, taking nourishing your body includes food intake and positive self-talk.

Natalie also shares videos about how she improves her workout performances. Which includes how she increases her mobility and endurance while training.

@natalieallport training like an athlete > training to look like an athlete 💛 #femaleathlete #strongisbeautiful ♬ Shootout – Izzamuzzic & Julien Marchal

2. Marty Pajek 

Marty Pajek shows his TikTok followers the benefits of CrossFit through his years of experience. Marty is an online fitness coach, so he knows how to get his clients moving. He also owns a gym, so he knows his way around gym equipment.

Pajek shows the different CrossFit work options, which he demonstrates on his page. He shows his TikTok followers the proper exercise forms for the best results.

Pajek also provides his TikTok followers with inspiration and motivation. To motivate people, he posts workout challenges regularly. Additionally, he provides how to improve your mindset while working out.

@coachmartyp The Ultimate Full Body Mobility and Strength Challenge. Can you do it??? #mobility #mobilitychallenge #crossfitmobility #doublekettlebell #doublekettlebellworkout #kettlebellstrength ♬ We Rise Against (Full) – Jonathan Paulsen

3. Meg Bailes

If you’re looking for great challenging ab workouts, you should follow Meg Bailes. These ab challenges are great for exercising at home. Additionally, Meg’s videos show her TikTok followers how to target muscles.

She shows her followers how to target abs, glutes, and arm muscles. Meg posts these targeted workout routines, so you’ll never run out of workout ideas.

Also, Meg posts videos about what she eats in a day. These give her followers new recipe ideas. It also provides them with details on how to keep your bodies nourished after an intense workout.

@ogmegfit 800 REP CORE🔥🤎 #crossfit #abs #workout #fitness #summerbody #fyp ♬ positions – Ariana Grande

4. Logan Polk

Amongst the CrossFit athletes is Logan Polk. Her TikTok content focuses on health and fitness. Logan’s videos showcase details to improve your body through food choices and exercise.

In her videos, Logan shows healthy protein-packed food alternatives. She gives her audience protein meal ideas that they can include in their breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Since she focuses on protein intake, Logan is able to show her muscle gains to her audience.

She shows her TikTok followers how to maintain their gains even on their off days. Logan also shows off her workout routines to increase muscle gains to her audience. She wants her audience to know what to expect from your body while working out and eating right. try this on ur next push day✨🫶🏼 @dfyne.official code LOGANP #fittok #gymtok #tricepsworkout #gymgirl ♬ woo x i was never there – xxtristanxo

5. Emily Loogman

Emily Loogman is a Track and Field All-American athlete. Emily shows the highs and lows of being a CrossFit athlete. She uses CrossFit to increase her performance and endurance.

Emily shares her exercise performances as well as her weekly workout routine. She shows herself breaking her PR records while trying to meet her goals. Her content is a sure way to inspire yourself to start CrossFit.

She also shares the struggle of staying fit while having a busy life and child. Emily shares herself exercising at home with her children, but still maintaining her goals.

@emilyloogman Proven and effective. Gym hack for ya 💁🏽‍♀️ #fittok #squat #workoutplan #legday #fitnessmotivation #lskd #fyp #strongwomen #weightlifting ♬ original sound – virginiasanhouse

6. Sporty Beth CrossFit

Sporty Beth CrossFit is a plus-size Crossfit athlete in the TikTok community. She is breaking the social stigma about body appearance and shape.

Beth is a UK size 18, but she is also a powerlifter. She showcases herself by competing at CrossFit events and performing at the gym. Additionally, Beth also has a fitness program she shares on her platform.

Beth is sharing her fitness journey to inspire people to love their bodies. She encourages people to embrace the body they have and take care of it through fitness. Her TikTok also emphasizes positive self-talk and mindset.

@sportybethcf ✨WEAR THE DAMN SHORTS✨ (if you want to, if you don’t that’s cool too 😘) @halofitnessofficial shorts #bodyacceptance #weartheshorts #bodyneutrality #selflove #midsize #plussizefitness #plussizeuk #allbodiesaregoodbodies #allbodiesarebeautiful #bodypositivity ♬ Sunroof – Nicky Youre & dazy

7. Zoe Ziegler

Zoe Ziegler is a one-on-one fitness trainer as well as a nutrition and wellness coach. She shares her techniques on how to get optimal results at the gym.

Zoe shares her weekly workout routine with her TikTok followers. She shows the proper ways to perform the exercises, and how to target muscle groups.

On her TikTok, Zoe settles disputes about common gym and exercise myths. In addition, she compares different approaches to the gym to provide maximum results.

She also inspires her female CrossFit followers to feel comfortable in the gym. She showcases herself working out among men and them uplifting her during a workout. 

@zoerosefit you guys really dont think i can do a strict pull-up.. 🥲 #smh #workout #motivation #fitness #fit #gym #pullup #fyp ♬ original sound – Reshawna

8. Jeff CrossFit

Jeff CrossFit is a gym owner and a fitness coach. On his TikTok, he provides tips and information for CrossFit at any level.

His TikTok videos have step-by-step tutorials on proper forms. He provides proper form because he knows it will help with endurance.

To help with endurance training, he posts workout challenges. Some challenges include push-ups and box jumping. Jeff also takes the time to educate his TikTok audience about flexibility and mobility. 

Jeff takes the time to answer questions from his TikTok followers. He answers questions varying from exercise optimization to owning a gym.

@jeff_xfit1 Snatch. Drop faster. #snatch #crossfit #lukrative #rage #gymowner #gymtok #barbell #olympiclifting #fitover50 #fitness ♬ original sound – Jared Wolf

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We hope these eight CrossFit athletes inspire you to join the community. There are many in the CrossFit community that are supportive and want you to reach your goals.

When you’re ready, we would love to see you at MagMile CrossFit. We strive to help our members reach their individual goals. You can contact us for more information.