When you’re not able to make it into the gym for a while, you might be worried about losing everything you’ve worked so hard to gain. But if you’re focused on what you’re missing, your mind can wind up in a frustrating and negative place.

Shifting your focus to areas that you can control will help keep you in a more positive mindset. Your goals might be different, but you can still continue making gains, even from your own garage or living room.

When you’re away from the gym, shift your focus to these areas:

1. Focus on the Process

Some fitness goals are centered around a specific end result, like setting a new PR on your back squat. You may not have the equipment to set a new PR, but you can still continue building strength or working on improving other aspects of your health and fitness. Rather than focusing on end goals and outcomes, shift your focus to the process. Process-focused goals are all about “how” you get to an outcome. Some examples of process goals include:

  • Drinking 64 oz. of water each day
  • Training four days a week
  • Recording each of your workouts in a training journal
  • Practicing yoga one day a week
  • Improving your push jerk technique

2. Focus on Form

One way to shift your focus from outcome to process is to focus on your technique. You might not be able to lift heavy weight, but you can take time to work on refining your technique. If you’ve been wanting to improve your skills and technique, pick up that piece of PVC pipe or a broom handle and start breaking down complex movements. Set up a video camera and look at how well you’re moving. Find the areas that you want to improve, and then get to work on refining your technique and getting better.

3. Focus on Consistency

Getting to the gym on a regular basis is a common obstacle many people face. When you’re training from home, you’ve removed that obstacle. And now is the time to work on developing a consistent workout habit. Everything you need to train and work out is right there – no commute is necessary. To develop a routine around working out, make a plan, and do your best to stick to it. Take a look at the next week and plan out the days you’ll work out. Include the time of day in your workout schedule, as well.

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