At MagMile, regardless of where you are in your health and fitness journey, our goal is to challenge, improve, and support you along the way. To help you along your unique journey, MagMile uses a holistic, integrated programming approach that takes into account your individual differences and goals.

Here are the three elements of our integrated approach to your training:

1. Fitness

At MagMile, our workouts include functional movements that are broad, all-encompassing, and scalable to your fitness level. Whether you’re five or 105, we will provide you with an effective workout. You’ll get plenty of variety through our functional fitness programming through:

  • Traditional conditioning (running, rowing, biking)
  • Power lifts (back squats, deadlifts, bench press)
  • Olympic lifts (snatch and clean and jerk)
  • Bodyweight movements (pull-ups, burpees, box jumps)

2. Nutrition


MagMile’s integrated approach will give you a better understanding of your specific nutritional needs. We have an in-house nutrition expert who can answer your questions and guide you toward clean eating and away from traditional diets or the latest food fad. We offer group education and one-on-one learning opportunities to build habits that will lead to long-term health and performance.

3. Recovery

Recovery is an essential element of training and performance. But its importance is often overlooked. Making an effort to recover properly in between workouts increases your performance and brings you closer to your personal fitness goals. By including specific strategies (such as quality sleep and post-workout nutrition) to enhance your recovery, your body can balance the stress of your workouts with time to repair and rebuild.

Become the you you’ve always imagined you can be! Our Integrative Nutrition Programming is a progressive program that combines fitness, nutrition, and recovery to improve your long-term health and athletic performance.

To learn more about the programs and classes we’re currently offering at MagMile in Chicago, contact us today.